Big Search

catching the cctv catching me #SemioticSatisfaction, ii

pulled in quicksand
big search land
extended waves
your head

// your highest bookmark
an endless dead link dead letter
office file purveyor
of junk sponsors
of the obvious.


nothing now is unknown; only obscured.
every <day> national inside out day </day>.

just hint at brilliance
that’s enough for the shareholders.
that’s always in front of me,
false mysteries where fact should be,
let truth kiss the lies.
the s/e/duct<ion> is fict</ion>.


and what of true fiction
in a non-fiction anonymous-less <shadow>state</shadow>?

you’re way into the story.

i am not completely in the system.
i do not use my real name almost anywhere anymore.

my ../intuition is not </coded>


would you really want to rule the world?
decide fates?
know all the answers?

never is the longest laten(wait|and)cy.


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