Arc Welded [disquiet0040-kirschnerplus1]

Turned Kirschner and Popoff into my Crazy Horse and dialed up a tribute to Neil Young’s noise record Arc, the final side of the Arc/Weld live album of his 1991 Ragged Glory tour. Snipped about 2 1/2 mins of the duet, then layered a looped, distorted guitar over it. Couldn’t get the range on the fretboard I wanted in one take, so there are 2 takes twisted into this wreckage (so it’s, well, almost a live performance :^D). Each take was then doubled, the copies processed further (phasers, delay, more distortion) and sent left and right. I think the Kirschner/Popoff track remains up enough in the mix to distinguish, but I also wanted to melt the feedbacks together (which catalyzed the arc-welding inspiration and connection to Young’s Arc/Weld record).

Enjoyed doing something flat-out loud (my neighbors did not like me tonight – heh heh). In some ways, if you get loud enough, you can drown out all the critics, including the loudest one inside you.

For this Disquiet Junto project you will add your own performance to a duet. This will turn it, in effect, into a trio.

You cannot change the existing audio, except to the extent that you can elect to trim it to a more manageable length, in which case you might choose to fade in and out.

The source audio for this track is part three of the Kenneth Kirschner album June 5, 2012, which features Kirschner on piano and Tawnya Popoff on viola. The album was released in September 2012 on the netlabel, where it is available for free download.

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