needle chase [disquiet0033-turntable]

was very intimidated by this week’s assignment. the turntable is really the only piece of audio playback equipment that gets standing ovations when rolled on stage. fake djs spin records where real djs play a turntable…

got on a giorgio moroder kick this weekend and borrowed the bassline and tempo from “chase” off the midnight express soundtrack. all tones for the bassline, melody and mid-section carnival calliope were extracted as harmonics from spinning turntable-felt samples at actual speeds in paulstretch. there’s a little added flange, compression and reverb. the rest is just kismet on the timeline.

spinning felt of turntable: 33, 45 and 78 rpms (contact mic rested on felt)
tapping on plastic turntable cover (contact mic)
needle touched with finger then placed and rested next to spinning platter of turntable (rca output into motu)

numark pt-01 usb portable turntable, k&k electric contact mics, sony acid 7.0, line 6 pod xt, motu 828 mk2, paulstretch (windows)

This week’s project is the Disquiet Junto’s 33rd, and since the number 33 (or, more specifically, the number 33 1/3) is so closely tied with the LP turntable, that device will be the primary object of investigation.

You will make an original piece of music in which all the sounds are derived from a turntable — only from the turntable itself, which means you can’t put any vinyl on it. You can knock on the turntable, blow on the needle, record the sound of its internal mechanisms, whatever you like. You can also transform those sounds as you please, but you cannot include any additional sounds.

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