textphony in d [disquiet0027-texting]

We continued the theme of “creative reuse” this week and were challenged to interpret a text file as sound.

“Please copy the instructions to this project and save them as a text file. You will then open that file in one or more pieces of audio-processing software. The resulting sound will serve as the foundation of your track. You can only use the sounds resulting from the text file in the process of making your track. You can manipulate the sounds, and you can use multiple versions that result from different pieces of software, but you cannot add any other sounds.”

In searching for how to do this, I found the same p22.com/musicfont/ as a few others here (I don’t think i could have done this any other way, fwiw).
Fed the phrase “disquiet junto 0027 creative reuse instructions” into it.
Cut up the generated midi file into the individual words.
Fed the midi files to a tweakbench “tapeworm” vst mellotron emulator set to “flute” with a tiny bit of tape hiss and a lot of decay.
Processed the midi file for the word “disquiet” through Paulstretch.
Added a whacked up phaser to the stretched sound to create the bouncing glitch.
Arranged the other midi samples over the stretched file somewhat randomly with added reverb and a tempo-synched delay.

My only concession was changing the final note to resolve to D. This involved tweaking the “0027” midi file’s second of two notes up a half-step. But the fact the piece probably ends with the word “0028” kinda made me smile.

P22 Music Text Composition Generator, Sony Acid 7.0, Tweakbench “Tapeworm” VST Mellotron Emulator, Paulstretch (windows)

more details on the disquiet junto at:

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