call pop [full version]

This was the first stab at project #0024, which involved creating alert tones for phones (ringtone, email, text and event). It became too orchestrated, however, and I had to rework it to create what I eventually posted to the group: Thereflectors – Call-pop-disquiet0024.

This kinda became a fictional 80s sitcom theme, though, and seemed fun enough to share if only for that. The guitar is in a 6th string drop-d tuning. A few not very flashy riffs are built around a chiming phrase (which may or not have been stolen from New Order :^D). The opening voice is a royalty-free sample of Mick Fleetwood I found in my loop drive. The title’s also kind of a backwards-induced Father’s Day reference (today having been the day we celebrate all pops here in the U.S.), so I imagined the sitcom having to do with a family. Maybe it even would have been called “Father’s Day” or something like that.


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