Dream #3: Austin

A year ago I was in Austin for xmas/new year and wrote this on the plane rides there and back. In the track, six bigfancy city characters dream of escaping to Austin. A couple of them do and stay. It’s that kind of place.

“Tonight I’m leaving this big city and all its bullsh*t,
Where my friends have to clear their names
And the snow has to clear itself.
I want to drive all night with some music loud,
Fly away on a song,
Hold you in my arms and get to a place
Where nothing goes wrong.

There’s magic in this crazy world that’s sometimes hard to see
And there’s times I drift away in an Austin dream.”

“I got resolutions to get myself out of this dirty town
B/c the snow is all turnin’ black while all the trains melt down.
I don’t want you wondering just how long it’s been
Since it’s been you
Taking that lakefront road, taking every risk
Just to feel something new

There’s magic in this mad mad mad world you see
Drifting away in an Austin dream.”

“I think they like us there because we’re from far away.”
“That’s why we’re always welcome back
And why we really shouldn’t stay.”
“We got a three-day drive through desert nights
And a couple thousand songs,
But we’re gonna write one more and get one more night
Where nothing goes wrong.”

“There’s magic in this crazy world you just need to believe
That you can live and breathe and die inside a dream.

You see I found myself in Austin that new years eve,
And now I find myself in Austin almost every time I dream.”

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