Adam Had This Idea

Adam had this idea after we bought
our guitars on the beach
to do a record called
Music From Dave’s Couch.
We would release it only on vinyl.
Maybe only press 14 copies.
Now, Adam had never seen my couch
when he suggested all this.
He just knew we could make
a perfect cult record
from a couch.

The line between cult
and not cult
(to me)
is always blurry.
People need a life system.
They want to feel plugged in but look tuned out.
“Music From Dave’s Couch” would play into that.
Your own private show.
With Adam and Dave.
From a couch.

An interaction between 2 artists.
Unfiltered. Unobstructed. Recorded.
I might – might – even use my real name,
b/c sometimes it’s about yourself,
not your selves.
Sometimes you need to cut your selfloose,
cut all the baggage,
and just record a record.
With a friend.
From a couch.

[I will jump a train anytime I can
Maybe one will take me home]

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