your tax is what it costs you to make your money.

Shut up. you smarting again.

No no, think about it. You get a “refund.”

Yeah, yeah, refund, yeah.

It’s called a tax “return.”

Uhuh huh return uh huh.

And when you ‘return’ something for a “refund,” generally,
you bought that thing and want your money back.

Sure do. Those a%$%hats and their effin machines!

Good now stay with me, Joonsy. In returning your taxes, what did you buy?

you money! you money!

Yes, yes. Spots on! That’s right. Your money. Your income.

so no pay tax. buy income!

Now who’s smarting, huh Joonsy?! That’s right!
You don’t pay your tax. You buy your income.

so more you pay more make-money you buy?

Spots on, Joonsy. Spots.

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