Riot My Earthman!

Riot My Earthman!

So, let me get this straight, the moment we reach the point we can measure things, we get to witness the destruction of everything?

Yes, you’re simply helpless in the face of forces that large.

So, seriously, what exactly are we supposed to






Try having fun.

So it’s Ghostbusters and all our anger is the friction causing the heat. How do you rid your house of friction?

WDFC (OTC:NAS-NM) has always been on my watch list…

Does the Earth care how we feel?

If Neanderthals could have measured the ice-sheets would they have prepared?

Of course.

Think! They adapted better than you ever will because they never saw it coming. Dealt with it as just in time.

Technology is useless. That’s the next take on it.

No no, you’re so wrong. Take the internet, for example. It is so useful. You
can get opinions and order food and send messages to people-

Fool. Rocket ships can’t support your complex life expectancy.

Then we’ll escape with time travel.

Not really. There’s no guarantee you’ll go forward. Adam was just a guy that jumped in the big Time-TravelMaster® and chose the wormhole that went furthest back.

He was the last man, then? Not the first? That changes my plans…

Jury should start thinking about who to send back.
I hope it’s Pele.

Are we all equally far? … Kings & Queens don’t heroes make?

Eventually, you’re going to have to figure out how to implant the entire knowledge of your rave into durable organic life – something that has the best chance of surviving any sort of cataclysm. Everything you know must eventually fit in something like a roach or an alligator or a bacterium. Otherwise all your knowledge will be for naught.

Or we’ll need exoskeletons.

Yes, one of the two.

What of a world where alligators take Pi to 22,500 places?

There’s no ConEd later on. iPods will all lie uncharged and glow sticks and k-holes will all fade.

Most dining sets would be uncomfortable for bipeds in an alligator-ruled world, yes.

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