Month: April 2022

Salvatore: Pizzaiolo of Soho Square

Pizzaiolo “Soho Sal” opened Soho Square Pizza last year as a pop up inside Michael & Ping’s Chinese restaurant on 3rd Av in Gowanus/Park Slope.

Every pie is stellar, and Sal’s vodka sauce is the nectar of a Roman God of antiquity. One of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten.

Salvatore is a master craftsman (right down to making his own mozzarella), reminds us that pizza is culinary (not convenience), and serves as living proof New York City remains a city of dreams.…


Counting [20220428a]

written in Laurel Canyon 2018


What if we could ride all the waves
What if the world was safe
for everyone we are?
What if we could exchange
Every turn we’ll ever take
For one North Star?

Counting on lightning
Counting on dreaming
Counting on sleeping
sometime soon
Counting on one plan
Counting on another hand
(and I’m still) Counting on you

What if we could live on a cloud
above the rain
where stars are the only lights
Where the wind is stable ground
and blind faith carries us through the sky?…