Month: January 2014

intransitive disapperance [disquiet0108-freebassel]

Connected to this assignment, and wanted to do some small part to keep Bassel’s cause and case out front. I’m not a foley artist and field recording is not my game, though, so consider this less a soundscape than a track that might run over closing credits.

Married some royalty-free congas, tambourines and trap kit loops on an Acid timeline.
Selected two samples of Bassel speaking from the video: “I’m sorry I can’t see you.” and “That can be controlled.”
Locked in a drone with an EHX Superego and Freeze running through a Strymon Blue Sky.
Improvised a bed with an ebow.
Then riffed around the most “eastern” scale I know. The result may be more Spanish Gypsy than Syrian, but still felt Mediterranean. Just wanted to evoke a mood.

“The absurd is the essential concept and the first truth.”
– Albert Camus

We can all be disappeared now. More and more it’s an intransitive verb.


Disquiet Junto Project 0108: Free Bassel

For this week’s project, we’re going to create soundscapes for an ancient Middle Eastern city. And in the process, we’re going to raise awareness about an imprisoned open-source developer with strong ties to the Creative Commons community. Bassel Khartabil, before his arrest on March 15, 2012, in Damascus, was working on several projects, among them a 3D rendering of the ancient city of Palmyra. Much as Bassel was trying to revive an ancient world, you are, in essence, keeping one of his projects alive while he is incapable of doing so.

The project instructions are as follows:

Step 1: View this video for background on Bassel’s digital Palmyra project:

Step 2: If you aren’t viewing this instruction on the project page, go to the following URL to view three still images from Bassel’s 3D work:


one city new zealand

Following Dave Kent down Bull Run.
Bull Run trail one of the latest addition to the Belmont Regional Park, built by Belmont Area Mountain Bike Association (BAMBA).
More information about mountain biking in Belmont Regional Park.
Music: One City by Westy Reflector

Filmed on GoPro Hero 3 with Chest mount
Settings: 1080p at 30fps

This vid made me smile this week. Releasing work under “NC” creative commons licensing (in my case BY-SA-NC) confers on folks the right to use tracks, straight or remixed, in non-commerial work. Now, after putting my last two releases up at the freemusicarchive, searches on my name are starting to return hits. Here, my track one city soundtracks a bike ride down a New Zealand mountainside.

tweed square: caffeineix

I am an unabashed and long-time coffee enthusiast, so this use of Tweed Square [disquiet0020] to tell the story of one day in a Phoenix, Arizona, coffee shop, made my morning. “Caffeine – ix,” get it? :^D

© 2013. Video shot and produced by Chloe R. Brooks, Journalism and Mass Communication student at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Music: “tweed square [disquiet0020]” by Westy Reflector, via
tweed square [disquiet0020] by Westy Reflector is licensed under an Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

12th step: treviso motorcycle

A motorcycle ride through the Italian countryside with Venetian Marco Carraro, seen through a Go Pro Hero 3+.

Bored, on a cold December Saturday, I enjoyed a great afternoon riding through Montello’s Woods (north of Treviso, Italy). In those places, during the World War I, the Italian Army fought against the Austrians who wanted to cross the Piave River.
As you can see by the sunset, the weather was almost perfect. The temperature was quite low but my clothing did its job very well.
The motorbike is a Yamaha Supertenerè 750.
The camera is a GO PRO Hero 3+ (chest and helmet).
This is my first Video.
Hope you like it!
Soundtrack: “the 12th step” by “Westy Reflector”

All The Rage

She spent 27 years in an inland town
And she dared herself to rage every time she stopped looking down
And then the ad in the paper said
“Dreams come true, just get downtown and see you know who –
If you know how to rage, then we want you!”

She bought an audition dress at Main Floor in the Redlands Mall
And she nearly died when the salesgirl said
“You know that dress, it kinda makes you look… tall”
And then she got up this morning and waited in the queue
Then they said “Sit here until we call for you.
There’s dreamers in front who queued up, too…”

To be all the rage and out tonight.
All that rage in black and white
In the public eye and out of sight
To be all the rage…

Someone said “Never mind her, just get yourself downtown.”
When her sister said “Hey, give it up baby, it’ll never work out.”
So now she’s in a folding chair against a fake fake wall
As the sun goes down outside a windowless hall
and she can’t lose her shit ’cause her name’s been called…

Well, she blew them away in that downtown room
And now we see her everywhere like a Sun God…

And her hometown paper gave her the whole home page
And now she gets a table where she used to dance a cage
And she’s never alone, now that she’s

All the rage and out tonight.
All that rage in black and white
In the public eye and out of sight
She’s all the rage.

master yoyo steve brown: soundtracks

Professional yoyo demonstrator Steve Brown used snippets of a number of my tracks over the last coupe months to soundtrack some amazing yoyo moves. These make me happy…

"Performing isn't about the hardest tricks you can do, it's about the biggest. Here's one I've always enjoyed filling stage space with." – Steve

YoYo used is the Catalyst by YoYoFactory.
Song is "Grey Skies Undertow" by Westy Reflector.

"An old favorite bit of silliness." -Steve

Song is "One City" by Westy Reflector.
YoYo used is the Catalyst by YoYoFactory.

"I wanted to do a punt and then punt it back after the first turn, but it turns out that is really difficult." – Jacob

Yoyo used is the Protostar by YoYoFactory.
Song is "She Still Echoes Like A Summer" by Westy Reflector.

"This trick can go south on you really, really easily." – Steve

Yoyo used is the Severe Supernova by YoYoFactory.
Song is "66/55" by Westy Reflector.

"Nothing better than a really hard to get-to thumb drop, eh?" – Steve

Yoyo used is the Avant Garde by YoYoFactory.
Song is "One City" by Westy Reflector.

"Just a little responsive fun." – Steve

Yoyo used is the Die-Nasty by YoYoFactory.
Song is "Ursula" by Westy Reflector.

"It's always good, from time to time, to re-think how your shit works." – Steve

Yoyo used is the Avant Garde by YoYoFactory.
Song is "Soma" by Westy Reflector.


Steve Brown is a professional yoyo demonstrator, National YoYo Master, and winner of the Trick Innovator of the Year and Donald F. Duncan Industry Excellence Awards. He is the founder of, co-founder of the Triple Crown of YoYo,, Shinbone Creative, and owner of the Steve Brown Gallery.
Triple Crown of YoYo
Shinbone Creative
Steve Brown Gallery