Month: January 2014

intransitive disapperance [disquiet0108-freebassel]

Connected to this assignment, and wanted to do some small part to keep Bassel’s cause and case out front. I’m not a foley artist and field recording is not my game, though, so consider this less a soundscape than a track that might run over closing credits.

Married some royalty-free congas, tambourines and trap kit loops on an Acid timeline.…


tweed square: caffeineix

I am an unabashed and long-time coffee enthusiast, so this use of Tweed Square [disquiet0020] to tell the story of one day in a Phoenix, Arizona, coffee shop, made my morning. “Caffeine – ix,” get it? :^D

© 2013. Video shot and produced by Chloe R. Brooks, Journalism and Mass Communication student at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.


All The Rage

She spent 27 years in an inland town
And she dared herself to rage every time she stopped looking down
And then the ad in the paper said
“Dreams come true, just get downtown and see you know who –
If you know how to rage, then we want you!”