Month: April 2012

wormwood scratch [disquiet0016-backforeground]

Sandpaper scratch led me to a funk break while the die roll kept rattling in my head. The main sounds are pretty much straight from the source wavs, with a little compression to even them up, and a couple loops got some reverb and/or resonance for flesh and liquidity. Everything’s cut up by hand, laid over a timeline the old-fashioned way.…


Jack Kirby’s 99th Dream [disquiet0014-oumupo]

Time to make up your mind
Time will never fall behind
Time to make up your mind and close the door

She draws you in, black and white
In a studio in the sky
She draws you eight times ninety-nine…

Frames in time
And you will never escape that night
Until you make up your mind
And close the door

Should’ve paid off those bills
Should’ve laid off all those pills
Should’ve written one more word
Before you put your machine to sleep

What the hell were you looking for
When you opened up that door?


D.SCH [disquiet0013-wildUp]

For the 13th Disquiet Junto project, the Los Angeles classical chamber-music ensemble wild Up provided us individual stems from a live multi-track recording of the first movement of the Chamber Symphony, Op. 110a, by Dimitri Shostakovich. We were invited to make something new from this source material, but were asked to use only the source material — as few or as many of the source tracks as we desired.…