Month: March 2010

Just Like Midnight

hey, old friend.

It’s always midnight
Somewhere else in the world
It’s always midnight
In a place that only lives for today

I know it ain’t right
The way our world ends tonight
But there’s nowhere to go
When you never ever never…never ever know
More than midnight

It’s always midnight
To someone without shelter
It’s always midnight
To a man with no sense of tomorrow

When you only know daylight of a lover’s life
You never get the daybreak, never see the heartache, never sleep off the fights
You never get more than midnight

Well, if you believe in fate, you cannot live in fear
Because nothing then is unknown
All your choices lead to here

So let’s make a toast to love
But also to the conflicted life
Because struggle makes love deeper
And brings real friends to light
Just like midnight
Just like midnight

February 2010