Month: April 2005

lower upper east side eavesdrop

After years of hotel living – the tiresome room service, the pesky valets – I gave up that complete bohemian life and moved into a townhouse in the East 60s – west of Lex, of course. It was a place I loved in the early 80s, when a dear friend of mine who worked for Eva Linton owned it, and I bought it immediately when he – well, when he, decided to sell, you see?


Tuesday Night DVR-AIST*

8:00 – 8:17: Do whatever you want while DVR begins recording American Idol.

8:17 : Start watching American Idol DVR recording in-process.

8:26 : Fast forward through 1st ad break (or, as network execs say, “pod”).

8:34 : Fast forward through 2nd pod.

8:39 : Fast forward through 3rd pod.