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Niçoise Release #TorradaFresh

Words Of Release [off Goodbye Monday Blue (2009) and Reflected.10×10 (2012)] catalyzes a tuna salad niçoise in the latest episode of #TorradaTorrada‘s #TorradaFresh with Luanda Gazoni. The YouTube description has Luanda giving my work a wonderful shout-out, too, and the feeling’s mutual. Amo from Brooklyn to Brazil, Luanda!


Published on Feb 24, 2015
Minha Versão da Salada Niçoise #TorradaFresh

Inscreva-se no canal: http://goo.gl/oDyF5s

Receita Completa com medidas:

Luanda Gazoni http://instagram.com/luandagazoni

Mais Torrada Torrada:
Instagram: http://instagram.com/torradatorrada
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/canaltorradatorrada
Blog: https://www.torradatorrada.com

Música: “Words of Release” – Westy Reflector (pesquisem as músicas dessa banda!amo!)

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Words Of [ABARTH 500] Release

Published on Jul 14, 2014
Trofeo ABARTH 500 | tappa Mugello Circuit | 12.07.2014 | riprese: fabio D’Arco | editing: www.labvideo.it | musiche: CC Westy Reflector – “Words Of Release”

Trofeo Abarth 500 | stage Mugello Circuit | 07.12.2014 | shooting: fabio D’Arco | editing: www.labvideo.it | music: CC Westy Reflector – “Words Of Release”

Words Of Release Ride The Planet

My track Words Of Release soundtracks an extreme ride down Uganda’s White Nile River. Awesome that a song about peace makes such sense against raging waters. Wonderful cinematography. My track starts approximately 01:50.

Uganda’s politics around self-expression and gender are not aligned with mine (understatement), but you rarely have control over where your music is placed (just ask Chrissy Hynde about Rush Limbaugh’s daily use of My City Was Gone). That said, I will view this placement as an unintentional subversion, and hope it provides a subconscious hint of an enlightened world.

RideThePlanet: Uganda. White Nile from Konstantin Galat on Vimeo.

**extra fun: on youtube, the 1st comment (in russian) asks “at around 1:55, what’s that song?” cheap thrills all around. :^D


22 November 2012

Infinite Destination | 2010
Long Road Ahead | 2009
ok | 2010
Echo Lake | 2007
Words Of Release | 2009
Dream #3: Austin | 2011
Zipline | 2010
Windfall | 2004
Sayulita | 2010
Always In The Sky | 2011

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cover photo by Westy Reflector of “Untitled” by Drew Barrymore (sharpie and prismacolor markers with scotch tape on matchbook cover, 2009)

Goodbye Monday Blue

01 October 2009

Goodbye Monday Blue
Long Road Ahead
Get Like That
Words Of Release
Invisible Girl
Cult Status
Freeway Sign
Nothing But Love
Cognac + Polyester

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Words Of Release

New track for a new year. The dove and the hawk are clawing at each other again.

I need you to bail me out again
I don’t know that I can
I’ve got artifacts from a war I need to give to a widow

You said you’d be waiting home for me
Now I don’t know where you are
And I can’t tell the distance from the echoes

(I’ve got) Words of love
(I’ve got) Words of peace
And when she hears these words
They will be her release

Brace for the future you don’t know
Long ago you told your friends you’d never change

Carry these remains
Rushing forward on a train
I can’t say that they’ll ever reach their destination

I’m leaving once again
Papers have been sent
Time has been spent

(I’ve got) Words of love
(I’ve got) Words of peace
And when she reads these words
They will be her release