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Particle Theory: Spotify

2016 project: Put my solo work from the last few years onto Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc. The permanency of these commercial uploads requires (re)mastering and attention to details often overlooked in the flurry of my usual ad-hoc self-releasing. Particle Theory (2014) is first up. Every spin puts a shred of lettuce on a sandwich and thus always appreciated.



sum + difference = mystery in the fog

Sum + Difference [disquiet0130] off Particle Thoery (2014) soundtracks a beautiful “mood board” camera test by North Carolina editor and motion designer Holden Kim.

This was just a quick test with my new BMPCC one morning when there was a little fog in the air.
After testing, I realize that I really need the full version of DaVinci Resolve to do noise reduction.
Other than that, I'm absolutely loving this little camera.
– Dec 3, 2014

Shot with BMPCC
RAW/Film Log
Lumix 14mm 2.5
Color graded with ImpulZ LUT in Resolve Lite
Edited in Premiere
VFX in After Effects

Music from
Westy Reflector – "Sum + Difference" at Free Music Archive

Particle Theory

16 November 2014

Drifting Moon/Spinning…
Sum + Difference
All The Rage
Melody Chaos
Welcome To The Interzone
Turnaround, Annie
Intransitive Disappearance
Truth Is A Lonely Place
Roadside Justice
Truth Is A Lonely Place
Particle Theory
The Shimmer Of Stars…

bandcamp | freemusicarchive

sum + difference [disquiet0130-filteredmelody]

4 notes. 3 intervals of 3. then 12 pedals. Made mathematical sense, so the title references “An Individual Note” by Daphne Oram, this month’s Junto reading selection (I’ve only gotten as far as pg 50, tho). Image is my pedal board through a kaleidoscopic app.

Finally had an excuse to put my Pigtronix Infinity at the head of the effects chain.

D#–>F#–>Bb–>C#. “Melody” unresolved, though, as it’s meant in the key of B. There’s no B-note to be found, however, so it’s unsure if it wants a straight maj, a maj7 or a maj9. Otoh, it could also be taken as an arpeggiation in the key of F#, or as a melody over a modulation shift between B and F#. After listening to it for 10 minutes or so, I got mad at it for being so indecisive. And then mad at myself for being mad about something so silly. So I went in for a bit of pretty obliteration. “I throw it on the ground / because it’s stupid,” sang Lonely Island.

The notes and their indecisive infuriating interval eventually wend their way through merciful peripeteia (Pigtronix reverse/undo footswitch), carnivorous compression (EQD Warden), candied fuzz (Small Sound / Big Sound mini, Zvex Box Of Rock), grain silos (EHX Freeze, EHX Superego), chaotic stutter (Diamond Tremolo), 4 & 5 step arpeggiation (EQD Arpanoid), stereo ping pong (Line6 POD-xt), octave shifting (EHX POG2), tape delayed infinity (tc flashback), distant reverberations (Strymon blueSky) and a bit of rickety pitch/speed shifting, equalization and dither (on-board Acid mastering fx).

In any event, it’s just 4 notes. They meant no harm.



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