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review: doux, oui?

FAX MACHINE ANTHEMS (http://whiskeyclone.net), a blog to host/stream versions of Beck’s Song Reader songs, had some kind words on my cover for the Junto.

via: http://whiskeyclonenet.tumblr.com

This is a superb full version of the preview, with “drums, bass, electric guitar (rhythm & lead), acoustic guitar, hammond b3 emulator.” Unlike some of the other fuller takes, he gets around the carnivalesque vibes, and is all the more successful for it. And despite the name, it’s not in French.

doux, oui? [disquiet0035-becksongreader]

Off-the-cuff sight read. Kinda fun to record. Set the controls for the heart of the sun.

Instruments: drums, bass, electric guitar (rhythm & lead), acoustic guitar, hammond b3 emulator
Guitar rig: Jolie (cherry-red ES-335, customized by Peekamoose Guitars, www.peekamoose.com), Vox AC-15, Ibanez Screamer, Line-6 Pod-XT Flange/Wah/Phaser.

The project this week is to perform a rendition of a piece of sheet music. The sheet music in question is a single low-resolution image from the forthcoming “sheet-music album” to be released by Beck this December. The image was provided by the publisher McSweeney’s when it announced the Beck collection, which is titled Song Reader.

You can use whatever instrumentation you like. Feel free to interpret the sheet music as literally or abstractly as you choose.

This track is an interpretation of a sample of the sheet music from the Beck collection Song Reader. The sheet music can be seen here:
disquiet.com/wp-content/uploads…8-beckdowewedo.jpg ;

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