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for whom the ice tolls [disquiet0157-icemusic2015]

Please record the sound of an ice cube rattling in a glass, and make something of it.

My 54th Junto contribution is my first stab at the ice challenge.
Dropped ice into a brandy sniffer.
Recorded into Samplr for iPad then sliced and diced with Samplr’s onboard effects and my guitar pedal board.
The ringing of the glass after the ice hit, pitched down a couple octaves and slowed, provided a distant church bell effect.
The drone bed was the same ringing granulated through an EHX Superego pedal and fed through Earthquaker Devices Afterneath and Strymon blueSky reverbs.
Added more reverb, as well as amplitude modulation in the DAW (Sony Acid Pro 7.0).

There are 12 “chimes” of the bell. Noon or midnight – it’s up to you to decide…


brandy sniffer, ice cubes (medium sized, automatic ice maker), Samplr for iPad, Earthquaker Devices “The Warden” compressor, tc electronic flashback delay, EHX Superego Synth engine (send/receive: EHX POG2 + EQD Arpanoid), EQD Afterneath delay/reverb, Strymon blueSky reverberator, Line6 POD-XT (tube pre-amp emulator setting), MOTU 828 mk2, Sony Acid Pro 7.0

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H2(arpeggi)O [disquiet0100-vaporwave]

Recorded Bodum electric kettle at point of boil into Samplr iPad app (2sec and 15sec samples). Raw recordings are stitched & looped and peek through at beginning and end of track.
Processed raw sounds with Samplr, then fed to various effects pedals and stretched a few grains in Paulstretch.
Noise thresholds triggered arpeggios, bass notes and drone swells via effect send/receive on synth pedal.
No sounds used other than boiling water.

iPad, Samplr app, Earthquaker Warden compressor, Diamond Tremolo, tc electronic Flashback Delay, EHX Superego synth engine (send/receive loop: Earthquaker Arpanoid, EHX POG octave generator), Strymon BlueSky reverberator, Paulstretch (standalone Windows), Line6 POD-XT tube preamp modeler, MOTU 828mk2, Sony Acid 7.0, Win XP

“Please record the sound of water boiling and make something of it.”

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