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windfall: spaghetti carbonara

Another stellar use of one of my tracks in the xclnt Brazilian cooking show, Torrada! Torrada!. In this episode, my 2004(!) song Windfall soundtracks the creation of spaghetti carbonara. Delícia!

As always, I {heart} everything about this (even with my track mis-titled “Windy Fall” in the credits :^D). This is the 3rd time the show has used my music. The other two times, Carrot Cake set to Man Again, and Perfect Fluffy Rice set to ok, are below.

Essa é a versão #TorradaTorrada do Spaghetti Carbobara, delícia delícia!

Complete recipe.

Convidado Especial:
Daniel Erthal

Luanda Gazoni

Torrada! Torrada!
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man again: carrot cake (w/ chocolate)

Torrada Torrada (“Toast! Toast!”) is a Brazilian cooking show hosted by Luanda Gazoni. Two weeks ago, they used my track ok off of Hola, Sayulita! and Reflected.10×10 as a soundtrack to making perfect fluffy rice (vid embedded below, too). This time, Man Again, the Free Music Archive bonus track off Transient Lines, serves as a soundtrack to the creation of a carrot cake with chocolate ganache icing (recipe in Portuguese).

I {heart} everything about these, and it’s exactly why I release so much music under Creative Commons licenses now.

Torrada! Torrada!

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