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a child’s doll reflection [disquiet0180-matryoshkamusic]

A loose adventure in nested loops. There are a few drones (each 1 note) underneath respective two, three, four, five and six note loops. the main section consists of the two note and six note loop played together with some variation, looped six times. Everything else fades in and out.

Like memories.

I own a matryoshka as a result of a trip to Russia I took in 1985. In the course of that journey, I acted as a teenage cold war secret agent, carrying cultural and religious documents and artifacts behind the then-iron curtain. This track has nothing and everything to do with looking back on that adventure. As a bonus read, here’s how my trip as a “Spring Break Spy” began:

So xclnt to be contributing to the junto again.


Fabien (a Peekamoose Custom M2 by http://peekamoose.com), EHX SuperEgo, Diamond Tremolo, EQD Grand Orbiter, EQD Afterneath, Strymon blueSky, Pigtronix Infinity Looper, Fender Blackface emulator (Line6 POD-XT), Sony Acid Pro 7, Windows 8

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[vid] animoog snow 0301d | 120fps

animoog snow 0301d | 120fps

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[vine] “break it”

[vine] monday morning zen: sterling waterfall

[vine] FlushNet

“FlushNet goes online in ’97. Human decisions are removed from septic defense. FlushNet learns & becomes self-aware at 10:14p, 02 Aug 14.”

[vine] #drafts circular loop, circa june 2014

[vine] #drafts snowstorms, jan 2014

[2 storms, 2 weeks apart, alt side parking suspended so foreground pickup truck didn’t have to move]

[vine] #drafts solo kayaker, firenze, italia, dec 2013

[vine] #drafts sunset birds, florence, italy dec 2013

[vine] hardwood ignition

[vine] road chewer

symbols (all the way) [disquiet0102-sonictinsel]


A random collision of 8-bar loops created in Propellerhead’s Figure app for iPad, royalty-free vocal and wind-chime samples by Mick Fleetwood and three takes of improvised guitar deconstructions of the Jingle Bells’ phrase “jingle all the way” played live over all of it. Assembled in Acid Pro.

This track is a one-minute, 24 bar section of what has become the intro and outro to my cover of Elvis’s “Blue Christmas.” One day, I may release it.


Tis the season, so we will contribute by creating secular holiday music. Record a one-minute track of loop-able background music that can be described as glistening, reflective, and gentle.

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