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[year’s end tradition read] the light walkers

December 30, 2016 at 05:17PM



Late one late December day in the late ’00s, on a new-mooned new-years evenight in the Mexican-not-Mayan Riviera, a small vacation coven gathered under soft starlight, poolside on a bluff overlooking an inking Pacific Ocean. As the group’s just-like-grandma’s cake started to kick in, Orion turned away from Earth for a few moments and a twinge of lawlessness neuroscaped through them one by one, in a cascade.


Har Mar in “The Orange Helmet”

Har Mar in "The Orange Helmet" #TheMexicanTaxi from Westy Reflector on Vimeo.

zipline 4b

zipline 4b from Westy Reflector on Vimeo.