Niçoise Release #TorradaFresh

Words Of Release [off Goodbye Monday Blue (2009) and Reflected.10×10 (2012)] catalyzes a tuna salad niçoise in the latest episode of #TorradaTorrada‘s #TorradaFresh with Luanda Gazoni. The YouTube description has Luanda giving my work a wonderful shout-out, too, and the feeling’s mutual. Amo from Brooklyn to Brazil, Luanda!


Published on Feb 24, 2015
Minha Versão da Salada Niçoise #TorradaFresh

Inscreva-se no

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Long Road Ahead in “Billete de ida”

A short film out of Spain opens with the lead character listening to Long Road Ahead [Goodbye Monday Blue (2009) and Reflected.10×10 (2012)] on headphones. Such an xclnt integration of my track into a scene.

Cortometraje “Billete de ida”, realizado durante el Curso de Cine para Jóvenes El Volander 2013-2014. Dirección, guión y montaje: Elena Casabella. Intérpretes: Mónica Gómez, Álex Lavarias, Margarita

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#DaCaLuF 138: Long Road Ahead in Chile

Long Road Ahead [off Goodbye Monday Blue (2009) and Reflected.10×10 (2012)] soundtracks a Bellais family adventure down the Chilean Carretera Austral highway. Fitting and wonderful.

La belle Carretera Austral!
Musique: “Long road ahead” par Westy Reflector

The Bellais family from France is traveling around the world in a converted old fire truck for 2-years. They’ve used a few of my

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Words Of Release Ride The Planet

My track Words Of Release soundtracks an extreme ride down Uganda’s White Nile River. Awesome that a song about peace makes such sense against raging waters. Wonderful cinematography. My track starts approximately 01:50.

Uganda’s politics around self-expression and gender are not aligned with mine (understatement), but you rarely have control over where your music is placed (just ask Chrissy Hynde about Rush Limbaugh’s daily …

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have you seen what they do to innocence now?

There’s always something somewhere that interrupts your business
Gets in the way of your success
There’s always something somewhere that splits the electorate in two
Renders each half ridiculous

Burn your pile of magazines
Destroy the dial on your radio
Turn your back on that television
See stars in

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A harvest-moony reflection, written in November 1993 and left alone until 2007, when the band got into a rainy day mode and dusted it off.

b-side of the Words Of Release single off Goodbye Monday Blue.

on top of a cement sidewalk — under a cloudless sky
you and i had our first embrace — before our first

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Don’t. Break. Down.
b-side of goodbye monday blue

Wishing this time was just in dreams
But it’s one more triangle scheme
You, me and all the distance between…

Sending all those letters home
from the front line like a movie star in the sky
but now you’re wasted like a sequel going nowhere
lie after lie after

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everything falls

still sun shines

you worked hard to make something happen
never say you are not made for this world
just watch out, if you wake up in a messed up mission
because before you know it…

all of a sudden everything falls
away from you

enjoy power while it lasts
tastes change, lovers fly so fast
but all

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Long Road Ahead

Some people can turn their conscience on and off
like Ray Davies’ Yo-Yo.
Not me. You?

we got a long road ahead
settle down. settle back. settle in.
don’t you know we’re gonna have to work until we’re dead?
we’ve got such a long road ahead

full of naked feelings
you know all those things you just

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Freeway Sign

have you ever been really really far away
from your lover for a really really long time?

I know you’re lonely
I’m waiting here for you
Baby, nothing changes
When you feel like I do

So now you’re far away
You got a job to do
So, baby don’t get desperate
Don’t be blue

I see that exit

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Goodbye Monday Blue

written and recorded in a 72 hour flurry.
have you ever had to re-write a memory?

No one told me about what happened
To you for a couple of years
Had to rewrite all the good times
Had to rewire ½ the gears

Goodbye Monday Blue
Goodbye I did love you
You had nothing left to lose

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Cognac + Polyester

this song was written in 2000, back when you could live in the future.
call it a love song to a pub song.

find me an after-hours London club
one where the taps don’t close up
from 11 o’clock until the sun comes up
‘cause I got 2 friends, baby, who just won’t shut up

cognac & polyester

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Get Like That

mmm. mmm. mmm.

I don’t ever want to get like that
How’d you ever come to get like that?
I swore I’d never want to get like that again

Kicked out of the house and shown the door
Forgotten twice by the side of the road
2 nights coatless
in the bitterbitter cold

I don’t ever want to

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Nothing But Love

up then down then down then

I had it all then I had nothing
just like Job traded to hell from heaven

Wouldn’t you know it I was done in
by just one careless hand
Simply screwed up one little thing
got handed my hat

And now I got nothing but love
to get us out of here

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Invisible Girl

Written in 2002. Finally recorded correctly in the key of B.

I know you’re in my mind
I hear you if I sleep
Lying awake in the dark I feel you deep

Invisible girl – don’t get lost in your

I’m gonna dream ‘til I know you’re mine
I’m gonna dream ‘til I run out of time

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Words Of Release

New track for a new year. The dove and the hawk are clawing at each other again.

I need you to bail me out again
I don’t know that I can
I’ve got artifacts from a war I need to give to a widow

You said you’d be waiting home for me
Now I don’t know

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