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#DaCaLuF 110: Caymans In Echo Lake

Echo Lake [off Stay Home vs. The Love Shoppings (2007) and Reflected.10×10 (2012)] soundtracks a Bellais family adventure with the wildlife of Brazil’s Pantanal. Piranha fishing to Echo Lake – who could have dreamed? :^D

A pieds, à cheval, en camion ou encore en bateau, le pantanal, c’est juste trop beau!

Pêche aux Piranhas (et pêche au croco pour Félix), observation dans leur milieu naturel des caïmans, capybaras, tatous, biches, singes, autruches et autres oiseaux exotiques, on en pris plein les yeux.

Plusieurs voyageurs nous avaient parlé de ce lieu incroyable au Brésil. On confirme, c’est un incontournable lors d’un passage au Brésil!

The Bellais family from France is traveling around the world in a converted old fire truck for two years. They’ve used a few of my tracks in their video episodes, and it’s an absolute kick to follow along and hear my songs pop up every so often. Follow them here:


Pied dedans, plein les yeux et le vent dans le dos!

echo lake: fundy adventure rally

Echo Lake [off Stay Home vs. The Love Shoppings (2007) and Reflected.10×10 (2012)] powers the middle legs of this video recap of the 500km Fundy Adventure Challenge rally. I’ve only ridden a motorcycle twice in my life – the last time over 20 years ago. I’ve not had any opportunity since, so the GoPro cycling vids popping up now w/ my songs are 100% xclnt. As a bonus, this one leaves the ambient engine noise “playing” along with my track, which I {heart}.

Published on Sep 16, 2014
The Nova Adventure Team traveled to New Brunswick to compete in the Fundy Adventure Challenge.

Josh Woodward – Airplane Mode – Instrumental Version
Westy Reflector – Echo Lake
Josh Woodward – Effortless – Instrumental


22 November 2012

Infinite Destination | 2010
Long Road Ahead | 2009
ok | 2010
Echo Lake | 2007
Words Of Release | 2009
Dream #3: Austin | 2011
Zipline | 2010
Windfall | 2004
Sayulita | 2010
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cover photo by Westy Reflector of “Untitled” by Drew Barrymore (sharpie and prismacolor markers with scotch tape on matchbook cover, 2009)

Stay Home vs. The Love Shoppings

20 December 2007

Everyone’s Picasso Now
Echo Lake
Spaced Out
Overheard Confessions
Isn’t It A Pity
Peaceful Songs
Love Note From The Future

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Echo Lake

before everything just fades…

gotta get out of echo lake
is it too much to ask
to challenge your fate?
gotta get out of echo lake

gotta get out before it’s too late
it’s never enough to know
to jump aboard that train.

schedule me some piece of mind
let me fall into easy times
cover me with memory
til i’m blind

gotta let out all the collar seams
it’s a mouthful to swallow
in someone else’s dreams
i got to get out as real as this may seem

gotta get out of echo lake
it’s too much
to ask
to re-sign your fate
gotta get out before it’s too late

everything just fades

08.14.1995; 07.07.2006 9:57am

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