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Particle Theory: Spotify

2016 project: Put my solo work from the last few years onto Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc. The permanency of these commercial uploads requires (re)mastering and attention to details often overlooked in the flurry of my usual ad-hoc self-releasing. Particle Theory (2014) is first up. Every spin puts a shred of lettuce on a sandwich and thus always appreciated.



drifting moon / sita murt

Behind-the-scenes of a still shoot for Spanish fashion label Sita Murt. It’s the first collection for the company since Murt’s death from cancer in December 2014.

Shot by Albert Burzon for Burzon*Comenge, this vid’s tracked with Drifting Moon / Spinning Earth [off Particle Theory (2014): bandcamp | freemusicarchive].

file under: cool people / hot clothes

Making of realizado para el shooting de campaña Sping Summer 2015 de Suita Murt
Fotográfo: Nacho Alegre
Modelo: Lindsay Lullman
Director: Albert Burzon
Editor: Santi Vidal i Esplà
Cámara: Galo Bertran
Música: Drifting moon spinning earth – Westy Reflector

A finales de enero transformamos un frío domingo soleado de invierno en un día primaveral, para la sesión de fotos de la colección Bloom SS15.
Lo teníamos todo preparado: una modelo muy especial, un fotógrafo que sin duda sabe captar la esencia Sita Murt/ y el mejor escenario para transportarnos a un día primaveral, en algún lugar de la costa de inspiración mediterránea.
Sin embargo no tuvimos que salir de Barcelona, ya que en los Jardins Mossèn Costa i Llobera, situados en Montjuic, encontramos la personalidad y versatilidad para viajar a un verano, por ejemplo en Cadaqués, gracias a la colección de cactus y palmeras procedentes de climas cálidos, que permitieron a nuestro equipo de escenografía y estilismo, encontrar esos detalles característicos de los microcosmos de los pueblos pesqueros.
Os dejamos algunas imágenes de cómo se hizo y esperamos que os guste el resultado, que podréis ver, muy pronto, en el catálogo de Bloom SS15!
Muchas gracias a todos quienes hicieron posible este día y a ti por confiar en Sita Murt/.

drifting moon / edinburgh dream

My track Drifting Moon / Spinning Earth [off Particle Theory (2014)] comes in to this 36-hours-in-Edinburgh-Scotland mini-doc by Juan Martos and Eduardo Giménez of Vamos, Scotland, at 7:38 during a fireworks show above the city.

An alternative guide to the capital city of Scotland. Inspired by the "36 Hours" series by The New York Times.

Film & Edit: Juan Martos
Graphics: Eduardo Giménez


Chris Zabriskie – Wonder Cycle (Free Music Archive)
Nameless (UA, Ternopil) – Freakbeat Ringtone (resistance edit) (Jamendo)
Westy Reflector – Drifting Moon / Spinning Earth (Free Music Archive)

Special Thanks:

Stephanie Haigh, Neil Hepburn, Rachel McCrum, Jane Lane, Scott Lunn, Zoë King Beck, Brian Robinson, Sam Rose, Arren Sagar, Fernando Tupiniquim.

Cameo Cinema, The Forest Café, Footlights Bar & Grill, Out of the Blue, Summerhall, Tupiniquim.

Particle Theory

16 November 2014

Drifting Moon/Spinning…
Sum + Difference
All The Rage
Melody Chaos
Welcome To The Interzone
Turnaround, Annie
Intransitive Disappearance
Truth Is A Lonely Place
Roadside Justice
Truth Is A Lonely Place
Particle Theory
The Shimmer Of Stars…

bandcamp | freemusicarchive

Drifting Moon / Spinning Earth (drum remix)

So this is awesome. Producer and musician Lee Rosevere asked if he could “bash and crash” over Drifting Moon / Spinning Earth, so I stripped the original drum and percussion tracks and sent him a pre-master studio file. From 3000 miles away, he came back with the glorious result above.

From his SoundCloud description:

Westy Reflector recently posted this song of his:

I really liked it, but wondered what it would sound like with [different] drums. Graciously he sent me the bed tracks and this is the result.

Lee Rosevere
Happy Puppy Records
Free Music Archive

Drifting Moon / Spinning Earth

Drifting Moon / Spinning Earth
09.28.2014 1:22a, 09.30.2014 10:34p, 10.01.2014 6:30p, 10.03.2014 8:35p

She had to leave Ohio
Find a strength she’d never known
She had to shed her skin
What she was was too far away from what she was within

You pay the price / To be yourself
When you’re not the one / The world expected

But we are each a universe
Where every drifting moon / Deserves a spinning Earth
Everything you are, we are, too.

She followed her dreams to New York
A thousand feet in the air she found love
He said “You should never feel alone. You had the light in you all along.
“Do not live life as a shadow… I know…

“You pay the price / To be yourself
When you’re not the one / The world expected

“But you and I make a universe
Where every drifting moon / Finds a spinning Earth
Everything you are, I am, too.”

In the clouds and in his arms
She let go of right and wrong
Tore away her shirt; threw away her tie
Turned her shadow into a sword

You pay the price / To be yourself
When you’re not the one / The world expected

But you and I make a universe
Where every drifting moon / Finds a spinning earth
Everything you are
Is a universe
Where every drifting moon / Finds a spinning Earth
Everything you are, we are, too.