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welcome to the interzone [disquiet0110-wsb100]

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This New York Post headline (“I Could Have Saved Him”) screamed at me from a newsstand on 5th Avenue and 9th Street in Brooklyn a couple days after receiving this week’s challenge, and I couldn’t shake it. As the weekend closed, I looked at the front pages of all the other papers in town with this challenge in mind, including a couple hyperlocal rags (NY Times, NY Observer, NY Daily News, Brooklyn Eagle, Park Slope Courier, etc…), but no other story stuck with me like this one, falling lock-step into the context of this Junto challenge celebrating the 100th birthday of William S. Burroughs.

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s heroin dealer has convinced himself that he could have prevented Hoffman’s death had he been shooting up with him. The brief interview has overtones of a Burroughs scene and, for sure, this guy – a jazz musician with a penchant for junk – is a character straight out of the Naked Lunch Interzone.

I cut words from a lot of the sentences to fit the flow of the song, but this didn’t seem to violate the spirit of the assignment. Burroughs used so many ellipses in his writing that it’s hard to tell if he ever published a single sentence in its logical order. His style gave me some air cover.

Put a simple, dumb rock song together tonight to prop up the words. Psyched to get it in just under the wire. One live guitar track, one live synth and a vocal (one-take with one punch-in) over drum/bass loops arranged in Acid.…


Disquiet Daydream – SoundCloud Spoken remix [disquiet0010-reflect]

remix of the soundcloud podcast w/ seams and marc weidenbaum:
Community-team – Soundcloud-speaks-001-disquiet

backing track is from the portion of the show that included emma hendrix’s disquiet 0004 project:
Emmahendrix – Nearly-there-disquiet0004

i started by sampling every instance in the show of marc saying a number and everything flowed out from that. my intent was to turn him into a radio beat poet like joe frank (not that he already isn’t that cool, tho).

the track has 48 music and vocal samples, and bursts opens with all of them at once, for no reason. fwiw, i don’t think there’s a complete actual sentence from the podcast in the piece. in the end, it was more of me putting marc’s voice to my own thoughts.

“clearly i changed my mind with an extended experiment in four days.”
“i did not think beyond my own curatorial process.”
“20000 remixes changed my mind.”
“junto (or junto) changed my mind”
“midnight changed my mind.”

this disquiet junto (or junto) has been the most valuable musical left turn i’ve taken in a while (at least since i re-cut a track of mine in spanish a couple years ago). thank you to disquiet for this creative, collaborative and continuing adventure.

More details on the Disquiet Junto at:


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