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[aired] DaCaLuF 341 – “Love in This Land”

DaCaLuF – Saison 3 – Ep41 – Santa Marta from David Bellais on Vimeo.

Santa Marta (Colombie) avec les copains! (“Santa Marta (Colombia) with friends!”)
Musique : Love in this Land par Westy Reflector

Psyched to see a new DaCaLuf adventure soundtracked with a song of mine. Going back a few years (2014!), these videos have been some of my fav CC uses. Pure joy of exploration and discovery…

source track:

long colombian road ahead

Ricardo Llano Gonzalez takes a 133-kilometer motorcycle ride set to Long Road Ahead. Bogotá -> La Calera -> Guasca -> Sopó -> Bogotá. Sweet.

Published on Jun 22, 2014
Otra vez cogimos nuestras Royal Enfields 350cc con @JayBarbaNegra a ver qué nos trae la carretera.

Nuestras motos nos llevaron por la siguiente ruta: Bogotá – La Calera – Chingaza – Guasca – Sopó – Bogotá. 133 kilómetros de viaje. Colombia.

Again we took our Royal Enfields 350cc withJayBarbaNegra to see what brings us the road.

Our bikes were shown by the following route: Bogota – La Calera – Chingaza – Guasca – Sopo – Bogota. 133 kilometer trip. Colombia.

Canción: Westy Reflector – Long Road Ahead