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chime. rinse. repeat. [disquiet0072-domesticscore]

Recorded my doorbell and washing machine. Since the washing machine is smack in the middle of our apartment’s hallway, there is no escaping its swishing and whirring while it runs. It’s not necessarily an “intrusion,” because I feel luckier than lucky to have a washer and dryer in my apartment, but it is loud and there can be no vocal tracking in my home studio when there’s a load of wash to do.

Recorded both directly into NanoStudio on the iPhone. Turned the washing machine into a 12-bar loop, added a bit of delay to the door chime and chopped the chime in two so I could use both halves of the chime separately. Beatmapped the washing machine to 72.8 bpm and then overdubbed the samples live through NanoStudio into Acid through a MOTU 828mk2.

Disquiet Junto Project 0072: Domestic Score

This week’s project is based on field recordings of wherever it is that you live. The goal is to produce a relaxing score to your domestic life by employing noises that intrude on that life.

Step 1: Make a recording of your doorbell, or whatever noise it is that someone would make when announcing their arrival at your residence. If you don’t have a functioning doorbell, then, for example, record the sound of a knock on your door.

Step 2: Record between one and three additional sounds that intrude on your life: your phone’s ring, perhaps, or the alarm on your microwave oven.

Step 3: You will now have between one and four sounds recorded.…


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