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Hola, Sayulita!

released 01 June 2010

Particle Theory

16 November 2014

Drifting Moon/Spinning…
Sum + Difference
All The Rage
Melody Chaos
Welcome To The Interzone
Turnaround, Annie
Intransitive Disappearance
Truth Is A Lonely Place
Roadside Justice
Truth Is A Lonely Place
Particle Theory
The Shimmer Of Stars…

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transient lines

15 november 2013

prologue: in recollection and amazement
grey sky undertow
riding waves
one city
night sky dead letter office
fire in the arcade (the reflectors)
dreamy solace of rivers and bridges

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still echoes

26 january 2013

crystal never hurts
manhattan bridge train
she still echoes
tweed square
flying time
like these chords
sliver of sky
the 12th step
the rime of the ancient…
i must have love

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22 November 2012

Infinite Destination | 2010
Long Road Ahead | 2009
ok | 2010
Echo Lake | 2007
Words Of Release | 2009
Dream #3: Austin | 2011
Zipline | 2010
Windfall | 2004
Sayulita | 2010
Always In The Sky | 2011

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cover photo by Westy Reflector of “Untitled” by Drew Barrymore (sharpie and prismacolor markers with scotch tape on matchbook cover, 2009)


01 June 2011

Always In The Sky
What Friends Were
Eff It Up
Everything Blue
Idle Words
Just Like Midnight
Dream #3: Austin
Beautiful Blur
Such Great Heights


Goodbye Monday B-Sides

11 January 2010

Everything Falls

From the Goodbye Monday Blue sessions.


Goodbye Monday Blue

01 October 2009

Goodbye Monday Blue
Long Road Ahead
Get Like That
Words Of Release
Invisible Girl
Cult Status
Freeway Sign
Nothing But Love
Cognac + Polyester

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Stay Home vs. The Love Shoppings

20 December 2007

Everyone’s Picasso Now
Echo Lake
Spaced Out
Overheard Confessions
Isn’t It A Pity
Peaceful Songs
Love Note From The Future

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02 August 2004

Altered State
Battery Park
Fistful Of Dirt
Russell Leaf #4
Baby’s Comin Home
Ambient Light
Free Songs

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