Dream #3: Austin

A year ago I was in Austin for xmas/new year and wrote this on the plane rides there and back. In the track, six bigfancy city characters dream of escaping to Austin. A couple of them do and stay. It’s that kind of place.

“Tonight I’m leaving this big city and all its bullsh*t,
Where my friends have to clear

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Always In The Sky

just a dj on a downtown A
sleepin it off to get up 1/2 awake
for a dead-end gig in the Rockaways
he sees this girl transfer from the D
dreams in her head, kid asleep on the seat
she’s always on his train
and always in the sky

she can’t know the sky
she can’t see the sky

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What Friends Were

a twistytrack nod to the wombats’ “moving to new york” and how real friends forgive.
i wrote it after living on the internet.

the past slides down a bottomless wall
over miles upon miles of one-way calls
man, it’s been years
since that open-arm town.

if you knew who your friends were
you wouldn’t go back.
there’s just no way

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Eff It Up

stuff heard through the walls and vents. muffled, but clear enough.

(he said)
“I’ve given half my life
For the common good
And I’ve given away the rest
the best of me

everybody owns me
but nobody runs me
So now I get to be
the bitch of your worst dreams”

(she said)
“I gave all my life
Just to

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Beautiful Blur

this song was inspired by a night at pinky masters bar, savannah, ga. the jukebox was connected to the master blaster so it found us brandy by the looking glass and then walking on a dream by empire of the sun. nights that never end are still never enough time, tho.

Hello from the road
I got a thousand miles

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Idle Words

An old song that felt like now.
Recorded with a band for the first time this week.

Sittin down with my friend
Strumming those same three chords
Don’t it make no words sound like so much more
There’s just nothing new to say when everything is
Falling apart

Idle words float on by

There’s too many times I can’t begin

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Just Like Midnight

hey, old friend.

It’s always midnight
Somewhere else in the world
It’s always midnight
In a place that only lives for today

I know it ain’t right
The way our world ends tonight
But there’s nowhere to go
When you never ever never…never ever know
More than midnight

It’s always midnight
To someone without shelter
It’s always midnight
To a

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