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[img] high-rise fire

as seen from my front window. 02 nov 2015, ~3:45p

2015_11_02 park slope high-rise fire

[vid] chaos-melody


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columbia waterfront sunset, 31 july 2014

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[vine] #drafts snowstorms, jan 2014

[2 storms, 2 weeks apart, alt side parking suspended so foreground pickup truck didn’t have to move]

intention creates attention

what’s left still stands

art of your lives


morning walk guest star

sleep, tourist bus, sleep.

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kitty and kentile #gowanus [from last evening]

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kentile projection

In May 2014, artists were given permission to project a light show onto the soon-but-at-the-time-not-yet-known-to-be decommissioned Kentile Floors sign on 9th Street in Brooklyn.

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caped in fog


sunday morning stick

sunday morning stick

friday overpass love

friday overpass love

mannequin moon

mannequin moon on Twitpic

drape of the day

lady liberty is as much about the drape as the crown, yes? tweet



for you + yours, a little cyclone <3. tweet

Sterling and the Superfund