Tuesday Night DVR-AIST*

8:00 – 8:17: Do whatever you want while DVR begins recording American Idol.

8:17 : Start watching American Idol DVR recording in-process.

8:26 : Fast forward through 1st ad break (or, as network execs say, “pod”).

8:34 : Fast forward through 2nd pod.

8:39 : Fast forward through 3rd pod.

8:48 : Fast forward through 4th pod.

8:52 : Fast forward through

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Mexico City musings, iii

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Courage and conviction seemed worth thinking about this Memorial Day weekend down here in Mexico City, where there are few rules and freedom arises from chaos rather than a uniform culture, as my friend Victor Z explained.

A courageous life to every earthbound individual now conjures up a different set of experiences. As it should. But as such, the fight in the …

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