Mexico City musings, iii

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Courage and conviction seemed worth thinking about this Memorial Day weekend down here in Mexico City, where there are few rules and freedom arises from chaos rather than a uniform culture, as my friend Victor Z explained.

A courageous life to every earthbound individual now conjures up a different set of experiences. As it should. But as such, the fight in the …

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Mexico City musings, ii

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"My name’s Suzie, and I found my husband on the Internet," go the radio ads in the US now. Marriage arranged by an algorithm instead of an aunt. Loneliness, not destitution or disease or tyranny, is perhaps the greatest fear in our syndicated personals laden world. That love can now be a roulette bet $49.95 personal profile match is not a reflection …

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Mexico City musings, i

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I write in recognition of the lack of posts in my fledgling 3-month engagement of this transmission adventure. My storage plan, however, on this cruddy valuesharedfavela host allows for little uploaded content other than words. I am currently looking for a place to put up all my music b/c it seems this was not the answer, unless I subject the world to sub-AM-quality streams …

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