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[img] Human / Nature

Human: “Watch it, man!”
Nature: “Watch it, man.”
April 29, 2018 at 02:07PM
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[track] Every Light Leads (20180426.1)

all you’ve got is a feeling
and what i got won’t show
b/c our visions of love
only intersected long ago

gonna go where every light leads
if it only takes me round the block
i don’t care
at least i’m searching
at least i’m driving
where you’re still aching
to get somewhere

first time i knew luck was
the first time we laughed at the same truth
but there’s only so many lies
you can sell yourself and still pull through

“burning a bridge” burns one ahead,
not one already crossed.
those things you leave behind
are, anyways, already lost

living as if reality
living as if we really see

[track] Quiet Nowhere (20180426.1)

the smarter you are today
the more you live in shadow
never giving up all you know
‘cos it’s

quiet nowhere
la la la la la la la la la
it’s quiet nowhere

to long for someday soon
is to long for days gone by
they’re both parallel paper streets
through a

quiet nowhere

the sound of things falling is the same sound
as things rising into the air
time spent afraid of what you might hear
well, that’s a quiet nowhere

that feel when the world lets you down
that feel when old friends freeze you out
when you’re seen as wrong when everyone’s not right

it’s quiet nowhere

[track] Love Your Self Any Way (20180426.1)

we were young
you were younger
never were to be in love
i should’ve known better
every price has a one

you wanted the world to burn
vanish into points of no return
‘cos hardest to learn
you never could say
love your self any way

afraid of truth
living in shadows
is no way to move through life
in the end, in this haunted future
you set yourself alight

saturation turns to gray
where there are only beautiful days

you found only
darkness in sunshine
you saw only one
way out

[img] The Canyon house rental came with a boom mic stand…

The Canyon house rental came with a boom mic stand in a closet-less second bedroom, disguised as a wardrobe rack. Apologies, all overnight guests, for all your clothes with fold-creases. Hopefully, the new songs are fair trade.
April 19, 2018 at 09:51PM
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[track] Wonderland (20180418.1)

Mattie was the kinda girl
who saw the end of the world
every time she opened her eyes
Roger was the kinda guy
never turned down a ride
figured “the end of days is just down the line.”

the price you pay
counting on judgment day for love
is to waste the light away
wide awake
wishing on the dark
(in Wonderland)

they found an acre and a half
halfway up Wonderland
in September 1973
they spent a few years
thinking the end was near
and cut down none of their trees

their earth gave way on a red flag day
right around 1982
they held on fast
against a backdraft
into the black they flew

they always thought of each other
as first time lovers
in an endless secret rendezvous
but sometimes living a life of desire
leaves you dreaming of fire
in a state of always almost coming true

[img] My fav Laurel Canyon 4K loop…

My fav Laurel Canyon 4K loop elevates me to Cole Crest Dr along the ridge, 366m above LA. Today, Catalina Island came into view across Santa Monica Bay as Stereolab’s ‘Transporte Sans Bouger’ shuffled into the mix.
April 16, 2018 at 08:31PM
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[track] What’s Left Of You Is Here (live, 20180313)

I knew everything of you
in how you said your name.
On our way to points B unknown
from whatever points A.

I will never need to know
how the shadows fell across your face
In that place you used to be
Before you escaped

To California. for untold revelations, on a self-sent invitation. What’s left for you to fear
in California? Your train is the station. Your dream of vindication.
What’s left of you is here.

“Maybe I’m out here on a lie,
but it’s only a lie to the skin I shed.
What’s left of me here
is the truth.”

There’s gold inside us all
But we just pass each other by
Because you gotta wash away the dirt
To find what’s not a lie

That’s California. unknown elevations, sends no invitations. What’s left for you to fear in California? Trains are the stations. A dream of vindication.
What’s left of you is here.

[track] It (20180412.1a)

I wanna blow the doors off of everything
just because I can
I got no direction
I don’t care much for a plan
I’m gonna do it just because I can

I wanna call the world out for what it is
just because it can’t
I got a few ideas
that I know that it can’t stand
I wanna do it just because it can’t

I wanna make this life as simple as you say
just because it’s free
I got a few years left
and they’re still ahead of me
I’m gonna do it
just because

[track] Clouds Over LA (20180412.7)

time will not release
a missing puzzle piece
faded memories
don’t know what you mean

you can’t watch a sunrise
through someone else’s eyes
if they never see you
in dreams

clouds over LA dance alone between skies

distant freeways shimmer
traffic as rivers
red and white ribbons
valley to sky

lost friends reappear
in dusty windshields
as evening light hits
California 5

clouds over LA dance alone between skies

drifting the night
suspended from life
shadows of every last good bye

clouds over LA dance alone between skies

[img] Skywriting tends toward the unironic…

Skywriting tends toward the unironic, since who wants to throw a whole city into existential crisis? Today, tho, random messages of pure love written across the sky leave questions where they once made exclamations. “Measure your heart against this,” they now dare all.
April 10, 2018 at 09:23PM
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[img] Hermit Herman, pacing, on phone, hangry…

Hermit Herman, pacing, on phone, hangry. “Yeah, you heard the engineer right. 14 sends us to the bottom of the canyon. So, again, 13 pepperoni pieces. 13! Say it!” {pause} “Good. Your money’s in the mailbox. Have your guy slide the pizza extra gentle through the cones…”
April 10, 2018 at 07:51PM
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[img] Cat in the mouth of Skull Rock.

Cat in the mouth of Skull Rock.
April 08, 2018 at 06:28PM
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[img] Laurel Canyon’s the kind of neighborhood w/ a house wine…

Laurel Canyon’s the kind of neighborhood w/ a house wine. This xclnt $10 chard is a sun-drenched picnic w/ John Doe that never runs out of ice. Label band is Three Guys In A Wine Bottle, led by Carlos Guitarlos (l.), guitarist of 80s LA punk legends Top Jimmy & the Rhythm Pigs.
April 07, 2018 at 10:59PM
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[img] “How’s that evolution thing working out for you,” he sassed…

“How’s that evolution thing working out for you,” he sassed through a lizard laughcroak, after a 5.0 earthquake off Santa Cruz sent a quiet ripple through west LA today. “Wish we could hang, but you can’t! Aww.”
April 05, 2018 at 06:43PM
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[img] on-your-guard rail

on-your-guard rail
elevation: 1110 ft
April 01, 2018 at 09:27PM
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[img] New York me / California me

New York me: “…but I can walk here for everything.”
California me: “…but I can walk here forever.”
March 31, 2018 at 10:08PM
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