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#DaCaLuF 131: 66/55 Petite Penguins

66/55 [off still echoes (2013) and written in 1996], a love song to old Rte 66 and the 20th century America of my youngest days, backs up a Bellais family adventure with Magellan penguins in Punto Tombo, Argentina.

Les mignons petits pinguoins de Punta Tumbo.

Musique: 66/55 par Westy Reflector

Fwiw, as of this writing, 66/55 is the most downloaded track of mine at the freemusicarchive.

The Bellais family from France is traveling around the world in a converted old fire truck for 2-years. They’ve used a few of my tracks in their video episodes, and it’s an absolute kick to follow along and hear my songs pop up every so often. Follow them here:

Pied dedans, plein les yeux et le vent dans le dos!

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deep down, there’s a can-can dancer in all of us
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infinite destination: marguerite travelogue

Infinite Destination [off Hola, Sayulita! (2010) and Reflected.10×10 (2012)] fittingly soundtracks an elegant personal travelogue by a couple of beautiful strangers.

A Year In Travel | 2014 from Adina Marguerite.

From Washington State to Portugal and many places in between, we've had a fantastic year of traveling in 2014. We hope you enjoy this compilation of some of our favorite places and outtakes which didn't quite make the cut into our trip videos through out the year.

Camera Equipment: Filmed with Canon T5i with a Canon STM 18-135mm lens & a Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5, a Canon S100, and a GoPro.
Gear: GlideCam and Manfrotto Tripod
Music: Infinite Destination by Westy Reflector

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[sterling saturday] pillow conformity
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