milkshake echoes #torradatorrada

How cool is this? she still echoes (like a summer) [off still echoes (2013)], a wistful track about long-ago summer loves and the consequences of choices, soundtracks the creation of a cookies ‘n cream milkshake on the ridiculously fun Brazilian cooking show, Torrada!Torrada! (Toast! Toast!). Guest starring Brazilian fashion and cultural phenom Karina Milanesi, this video is just everything good (and sweet) …

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Carpaccio In The Sky

Always In The Sky [off :^D (2011) and Reflected.10×10 (2012)] catalyzes a zucchini carpaccio in the latest installment of the Brazilian cooking show #TorradaTorrada’s spin-off series #TorradaFresh. Amazing uses of my tracks keep coming from Luanda Gazoni. And my birthday’s tomorrow, so this is a perfect present.


Published on Nov 19, 2014
#TorradaFresh – EP. #02: Carpaccio de Abobrinha



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Infinite Italian Cycling Destination

Trailer for a crowd sourced documentary about a day in the cycling life around Torino, Italy. Uses my track Infinite Destination [off Hola, Sayulita! (2010) and Reflected.10×10 (2012)] and in a brilliant case of bona fortuna, my friend Lee Rosevere’s stellar slice of electro-acoustic positivity, These Moments [off Music For Malls (2014)].

Contromano il film – Trailer from Stefano Gabbiani on Vimeo.

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#DaCaLuF 109: Always In The Sky Stuck With Hungry Caymans

A camper breaks down, leaving the Bellais family stuck overnight on a flooded road in the Brazilian Pantanal. Surrounded by hungry crocodiles, they make it through the night using collective wits, sheer grit and a little help from some kind strangers.

A new Wes Craven film?

Nope. Just another day (and night) in the Bellais family’s two-year adventure around the world in their custom …

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