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sterling wednesday: fall light falls
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San Jose Museum Momentum Installation

The Momentum exhibit runs through February at the San Jose Museum Of Art. Sound artist, writer and Junto founder Marc Weidenbaum curated the sound (as an “intervention”) for one of the installations, the video Untitled #8 (2004) by Josh Azzarella. Back in August, Marc sent out the silent video as project Disquiet0138-videosonicvoid, and challenged us to create a looping piece:

Compose a 2.5-minute soundtrack to complement the silent video “Untitled #8, 2004″ by the artist Josh Azzarella. The video is intended by the artist as a “Never Ending Loop,” as is this audio accompaniment.

Untitled #8, 2004 from Josh Azzarella

Marc “intervened” the video for Momentum with 21 sound pieces, including 14 that were created for disquiet0138-videosonicvoid, to loop over 3 different screens.

For Marc Weidenbaum, Josh Azzarella’s video Untitled #8, in which a form slowly shifts, suggests a visual parallel to the ethereal nature of sound: perceptible yet intangible. Through his online collaborative project Disquiet Junto, Weidenbaum collected and curated original works of music and sound from an international community of colleagues, which he then added to unsynced iterations of Azzarella’s silent video. Intended to explore transformation and stasis, the sound elements create auras, halos, and contextual sonic frameworks that gently alter the viewer’s experience and perception of Azzarella’s video art.

Screen #2 incorporated a remix of my track done by Lee Rosevere, who had asked me to create something for him to use that week:

This is my original:

I am ecstatic that my work is in a contemporary museum. It’s even sweeter that the tracks were the result of spontaneous collaborative processes that echo and fractal much of what’s good about our current technological environment.

The other artists Marc used put me in esteemed company, to say the least:

Taylor Deupree
Van Stiefel
Natalia Kamia
Naoyuki Sasanami
Carlos Russell
Mark Rushton
Paolo Mascolini (Sozu)

Stephen Vitiello
Steve Roden
Marcus Fischer
Julia Mazawa
Westy Reflector + Lee Rosevere
Ezekiel Kigbo (The Atlas Room)

Steiner (Stijn Hüwels)
Christina Vantzou
Inlet (Cory K.)
Jean Reiki
Marco Raaphorst
bad trails

Finally, here is what the exhibit looks like:

Drifting Moon / Spinning Earth (drum remix)

So this is awesome. Producer and musician Lee Rosevere asked if he could “bash and crash” over Drifting Moon / Spinning Earth, so I stripped the original drum and percussion tracks and sent him a pre-master studio file. From 3000 miles away, he came back with the glorious result above.

From his SoundCloud description:

Westy Reflector recently posted this song of his:

I really liked it, but wondered what it would sound like with [different] drums. Graciously he sent me the bed tracks and this is the result.

Lee Rosevere
Happy Puppy Records
Free Music Archive

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sterling tuesday: legend of the fall
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132 Frets [disquiet0147-slightnoise]

Every frettable note (incl. harmonics) on Jolie (my Gibson ES-335 DOT reissue), granulated and held through an Electro-Harmonix SuperEgo synth engine and then fleshed with infinite feedback through a TC Electronic Flashback tape delay. Both pickups were active and thrown out of phase to broaden the aural spectrum.


Step 1: Record 8 seconds of white noise in your own personal style.

Step 2: Upload the finished track to the Disquiet Junto group on SoundCloud.

Your finished work should be 8 seconds long.

More on this 147th Disquiet Junto project — “Record 8 seconds of white noise in your own personal style″

More on the Disquiet Junto

Join the Disquiet Junto

Disquiet Junto general discussion

Melody Chaos

Inspired by New Orleans, where making melody out of chaos is the art.

So there you have it, we wrote our ticket out
We’re headed anywhere we want to choose.

We never really planned it, just never had doubts
We were going somewhere – never gonna lose

Yeah, the stakes are high
But our vision’s clear
Maybe neither of us is pure, but our moment’s here

It’s ok to embrace uncertainty
A quiet life we may never see
So for now this noise makes a symphony

In the middle of chaos, you’re my melody

so here I’m landing, took the red eye out
I see the causeway that leads to you

St Mary guides us down from the clouds
Harmony carries us through

So there you have it, we wrote our ticket out
We’re headed anywhere we want to choose.

It’s ok to embrace uncertainty
A quiet life we may never see
So let all the noise make a symphony

In the middle of chaos, you’re my melody

surfing the long road ahead

Though I’ve never surfed, I’m obsessed with surfing, so this is xclnt beyond words. Australian surfer Carel Olivier showcases his hometown beach and his incredible skills to the songs Britney Sea by Wolf Asylum and my Long Road Ahead [off Goodbye Monday Blue (2009) and Reflected.10×10 (2012)].

My Surf Reel // 2014 from Carel Olivier on Vimeo.

Welcome to my first surf reel. This is me doing what I love…
It's hard not having all the best equipment to do what I want to do, which makes it difficult to compete against all the other filmmakers and to make a name for yourself and get rewarded. But, people are seeing my videos from all over the world and getting people stoked. I love putting my hometown, Jeffreys Bay, out there, showing people what an amazing place this is.
All of it wouldn't be possible without the support of people in the J-bay community and the Victory family.

Special thanks to:
Victory Media – Jared Lenegan & Deborah Rajapakse for helping with the interview.
Surflife Jeffreys Bay
Shannon Ainslie
Brandon Watson
Jacques Crafford
Koffie Jacobs
Zach Smith
Zigzag Surfing Magazine
All surfers I've ever filmed
& everyone else for the support, help and advice

Most footage filmed with Canon 7D

Wolf Asylum – "Britney Sea"

Westy Reflector – "Long Road Ahead"

You can follow me on Instagram: @careloli4
Go check out "Surflife" on Facebook to see more of what we do in J-Bay.

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sterling saturday: eastward survey
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sunset: brooklyn
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Vertical Lyfe [disquiet0146-swypingsilence]


Transposed the swype into notes by turning the QWERTY keyboard into a musical keyboard:

1. Correlated the major scale to the letters following G by repeating the octave pattern though the alphabet (e.g., J=C, N=G, V=A, etc…)
2. Assigned low octave (1) and high octave (3) to the bottom and top rows, respectively, of the qwerty keyboard.
3. Mapped “silence” against the above interpretation, such that “SILENCE” transposed to E(2) B(3) E(2) E(3) G(1) C(1) E(3), which turns out to be an articulation of E-minor or G-major, depending on your mood. As the E begins and resolves the sequence, E-minor is where it begged to fall in the end.

The droning bed of the track is my falling into all the notes contained in the word “silence” in a NanoStudio for iPad synth, looped once and held through the end.
The floating over that is an eBow, “swyped” as it were through the notes that make up “silence,” using the octave positions dictated by the keyboard.
I had the notes under the entire swype, between the letters of “silence,” mapped out, and planned on realizing the actual symbol more in the piece. I ran out of time, however, as I had to stop recording when the toddlers above me started playing indoor basketball. This is a regular occurrence, I feel fortunate, however, they didn’t start rolling through their (uncarpeted) apartment on their Razr scooters or tricycles, which is their favorite pastime. That becomes thunder on the ceiling that not even Dinosaur Jr’s Green Mind played at full blast can drown out. So instead of more guitar layers, you get a loop of one of the average ball bounces on my ceiling picked up by a condenser mic and run through a tape delay pedal. Hence the title of my track.

Vertical Lyfe = no true silence, just a specific sort of “city silence.” It’s an active-listener silence, because you have to tune things out in order to achieve it. I meditate better for having lived in NYC for the last 20 years, I think, because I have to work for the meditation. That said, I don’t wish to live in an anechoic chamber, but sometimes dreams of a house in the country, with nothing but sounds of rustling leaves and distant rushing water, just take me over.


Step 1: Consider the symbol that results from using the Swype technique to enter the word “silence” on a keyboard, as shown in image at this URL:

Step 2: Develop sonic associations with this symbol.

Step 3: Produce a short piece of music informed by those associations.

Step 4: Upload the finished track to the Disquiet Junto group on SoundCloud.

Step 5: Listen to and comment on tracks uploaded by your fellow Disquiet Junto participants.

Length: Your finished work should be between one and three minutes long.


More on this 146th Disquiet Junto project — “Make a short piece of music based on a typographic symbol for the word ‘silence’″ — at:…46-swypingsilence/

More on the Disquiet Junto at:

Join the Disquiet Junto at:

Disquiet Junto general discussion takes place at:

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northern cardinal charting a southern flight path
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sterling saturday: supercollider king
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Drifting Moon / Spinning Earth

Drifting Moon / Spinning Earth
09.28.2014 1:22a, 09.30.2014 10:34p, 10.01.2014 6:30p, 10.03.2014 8:35p

She had to leave Ohio
Find a strength she’d never known
She had to shed her skin
What she was was too far away from what she was within

You pay the price / To be yourself
When you’re not the one / The world expected

But we are each a universe
Where every drifting moon / Deserves a spinning Earth
Everything you are, we are, too.

She followed her dreams to New York
A thousand feet in the air she found love
He said “You should never feel alone. You had the light in you all along.
“Do not live life as a shadow… I know…

“You pay the price / To be yourself
When you’re not the one / The world expected

“But you and I make a universe
Where every drifting moon / Finds a spinning Earth
Everything you are, I am, too.”

In the clouds and in his arms
She let go of right and wrong
Tore away her shirt; threw away her tie
Turned her shadow into a sword

You pay the price / To be yourself
When you’re not the one / The world expected

But you and I make a universe
Where every drifting moon / Finds a spinning earth
Everything you are
Is a universe
Where every drifting moon / Finds a spinning Earth
Everything you are, we are, too.

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rainy saturday sterling: leave me be
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sterling thursday: silhouette against striated sky
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sterling sunday: sofa suncatcher
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pacific platform portal
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24 hour party puppy
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