chime. rinse. repeat. [disquiet0072-domesticscore]

Recorded my doorbell and washing machine. Since the washing machine is smack in the middle of our apartment’s hallway, there is no escaping its swishing and whirring while it runs. It’s not necessarily an “intrusion,” because I feel luckier than lucky to have a washer and dryer in my apartment, but it is loud and there can be no vocal tracking in my …

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Arc Of Visibility (Sense The Wind trailer score) [disquiet0071-windmusic]


Arc of Visibility: The portion of the horizon over which a lighted aid to navigation is visible from seaward.

Sense The Wind is an inspired project about people who find independence, affirmation and freedom by taking risks and abandoning notions of limitation. As such, my goal this week became to create a flat-out positive one-minute piece of music that moved in and out …

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one city

she walks into union square
sends the pigeons flying
didn’t think i’d find her there
didn’t think of trying

she sits on a bench above the subway
as the trains rumble by
i see her shake

inside the hiss of a subway’s brakes
it means everything and nothing just the same

a city
to strangers
one city
two strangers…

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