Month: September 2011

The Foodies #sickpitches

Camille Lutece, a culinary school grad, can’t land a job and becomes private chef to a lottery-winning, catfish-handfishing ozark mountain family. She “refines” them, teaching them knife skills and how to respect a lady. Turns out they brought her there to give them an edge in the FoodSportsChannel (FSC) World Catfish Catch and Fry Championships. In the end, she brings home the title with Jessie’s hand caught beauties.

Camille to Jessie, the lottery-winning mountain family patriarch: “Does the noodling hurt your hand?”
Jessie, the patriarch: “Only if the catfish sneezes.”

Hoosiers + Eat Pray Love + Deliverance

#FromTheCatalog: Battery Park

this wk, some of my #songsfornyc

9.11 did 2 things to my songwriting self: it made me pick up an electric guitar again (after a 10 year break) and got me serious about recording and releasing my songs (beyond homemade cassettes for friends).

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