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#shagtasticsoundtrack, latelatesummer edition

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The Monday Crew #sickpitches

Jess, 26-yr old African American lesbian (tattoos, too) from Bed-Stuy, and James, her 31 yr-old African-American neighbor (straight as a whistle), end up manning a Viennese sausage parlour in a nearby gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood every Monday night.
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The Janus Effect #sickpitches

“The bible was an acid testament.”
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Cat’s Caramelized Corn Cakes

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The Spaces In-Between #sickpitches

A condominium Board is terrorized by a resident daddy after he is asked to remove his stroller from the building’s lobby.

tagline: “People without children will never understand.”

Pacific Heights + Baby Boom + Paranormal Activity

Do Or Die #sickpitches

Judge sentences 24 youth gone astray to a reality show on an island off the coast of Georgia called “Do Or Die” where only 1 supposedly will get out alive.

gritty antoine fuqua / melvin van peebles feel…

Lord of the Flies + The Corner + Survivor