have you seen what they do to innocence now?

There’s always something somewhere that interrupts your business
Gets in the way of your success
There’s always something somewhere that splits the electorate in two
Renders each half ridiculous

Burn your pile of magazines
Destroy the dial on your radio
Turn your back on that television
See stars in

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A harvest-moony reflection, written in November 1993 and left alone until 2007, when the band got into a rainy day mode and dusted it off.

b-side of the Words Of Release single off Goodbye Monday Blue.

on top of a cement sidewalk — under a cloudless sky
you and i had our first embrace — before our first

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Don’t. Break. Down.
b-side of goodbye monday blue

Wishing this time was just in dreams
But it’s one more triangle scheme
You, me and all the distance between…

Sending all those letters home
from the front line like a movie star in the sky
but now you’re wasted like a sequel going nowhere
lie after lie after

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everything falls

still sun shines

you worked hard to make something happen
never say you are not made for this world
just watch out, if you wake up in a messed up mission
because before you know it…

all of a sudden everything falls
away from you

enjoy power while it lasts
tastes change, lovers fly so fast
but all

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