Long Road Ahead

Some people can turn their conscience on and off
like Ray Davies’ Yo-Yo.
Not me. You?

we got a long road ahead
settle down. settle back. settle in.
don’t you know we’re gonna have to work until we’re dead?
we’ve got such a long road ahead

full of naked feelings
you know all those things you just

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Freeway Sign

have you ever been really really far away
from your lover for a really really long time?

I know you’re lonely
I’m waiting here for you
Baby, nothing changes
When you feel like I do

So now you’re far away
You got a job to do
So, baby don’t get desperate
Don’t be blue

I see that exit

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Goodbye Monday Blue

written and recorded in a 72 hour flurry.
have you ever had to re-write a memory?

No one told me about what happened
To you for a couple of years
Had to rewrite all the good times
Had to rewire ½ the gears

Goodbye Monday Blue
Goodbye I did love you
You had nothing left to lose

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Cognac + Polyester

this song was written in 2000, back when you could live in the future.
call it a love song to a pub song.

find me an after-hours London club
one where the taps don’t close up
from 11 o’clock until the sun comes up
‘cause I got 2 friends, baby, who just won’t shut up

cognac & polyester

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Get Like That

mmm. mmm. mmm.

I don’t ever want to get like that
How’d you ever come to get like that?
I swore I’d never want to get like that again

Kicked out of the house and shown the door
Forgotten twice by the side of the road
2 nights coatless
in the bitterbitter cold

I don’t ever want to

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Nothing But Love

up then down then down then

I had it all then I had nothing
just like Job traded to hell from heaven

Wouldn’t you know it I was done in
by just one careless hand
Simply screwed up one little thing
got handed my hat

And now I got nothing but love
to get us out of here

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Invisible Girl

Written in 2002. Finally recorded correctly in the key of B.

I know you’re in my mind
I hear you if I sleep
Lying awake in the dark I feel you deep

Invisible girl – don’t get lost in your

I’m gonna dream ‘til I know you’re mine
I’m gonna dream ‘til I run out of time

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Words Of Release

New track for a new year. The dove and the hawk are clawing at each other again.

I need you to bail me out again
I don’t know that I can
I’ve got artifacts from a war I need to give to a widow

You said you’d be waiting home for me
Now I don’t know

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