Everyone’s Picasso Now

Junk is a habit
Habits are formed
From a pattern
From a routine

Everything’s an equation. Everyone’s their own god now.
Everyone’s a sensation. Everyone is too smart now.

Space is a dream
Borders never smile
Earn a dollar
Earn a living

Living is short
Short for living wage
So wage war
Against the system

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Cult Status

Cult status
Don’t have to watch what I say
Cult status
Not too much in my way
I’m gonna be the biggest thing in small town
And when you’re not looking
That’s when I’ll be

Cult status
Travel by subway
Cult status
Goin my own way
I’m gonna be the smallest fish in the big big pond

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Echo Lake

before everything just fades…

gotta get out of echo lake
is it too much to ask
to challenge your fate?
gotta get out of echo lake

gotta get out before it’s too late
it’s never enough to know
to jump aboard that train.

schedule me some piece of mind
let me fall into easy times

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Overheard Confessions

you’re a catholic priest listening to a stream of sunday confessions. in the final one, a woman admits her love for you and asks you to help her escape. what do you do?

“Morning is the hardest time when the mirror leaves you blue”
“He says it’s always the same you got no one to

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Love Note From The Future

to the end and back. maybe.

Ever since that big causeway break
You’re in that trance where you never come out
& I keep flashing on that big wave
That came & washed our only way out

that’s all I know that’s all I know seven long years that’s all I know

Summer passed me

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The why lie p-i.

©2007, Westy Reflector

When they dig us up – they might never know
We dug so deep – left our evidence so far below
They might even think we were older than dinosaurs

Arrogance thinks we’ll see the end of the world
That we’d be last ones – that we’d get

the truth/the truth
it’s just funny how the truth…

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the devil’s choice is always a temptation.

i had this debutante invite me to her ball
but she met another guy in the basement of the hall
wouldn’t you know it? she made 2 calls.

i gave them time to play a little duck and hide
i know they wanted ten but i only gave

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choose a side, for once.

At least stand up for love
Since you never say the wrong thing
And you’re always on the right side

But you’ve never known stars brighter than a city night
‘Cause you never had to choose a side.

Everyone you’ve ever met just talked to each other
So ½ the

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Peaceful Songs

every once in a while, country-fried.

One fine day
They’re gonna take me away
To that land of peaceful songs
And on that day they’ll hear me say
“I finally found a place where I belong!”

It’s been a long life and a long time comin
Too many heartbreaks in fair times
I’ve done a

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The Shit Bag, pt. i

When I lived in London for a throw in the early 90s on the border of Holloway and Islington, my roommates & I had an “electric” toilet. The toilet’s outflow pipe was so skinny that our landlord, Omar Everyday In The Same Green Sweatsuit, forbid us to throw paper in it and cautioned that certain fibrous meals, when finally passed, were guaranteed to require …

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