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water is just air we can’t breathe

C’mon, robot! I dare you.

– two AM-er

“There are too few blank pages on the Internet.”– The Captain, 06.02.2005


32nd bet 6th & 7th, 05.23.2005, 12:31pm

Riot My Earthman!

Riot My Earthman!

So, let me get this straight, the moment we reach the point we can measure things, we get to witness the destruction of everything?

Yes, you’re simply helpless in the face of forces that large.

So, seriously, what exactly are we supposed to






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rock star carravagio

oil tele mic
Was it stranger, the world when painters were rock stars?  

lower upper east side eavesdrop

After years of hotel living – the tiresome room service, the pesky valets – I gave up that complete bohemian life and moved into a townhouse in the East 60s – west of Lex, of course. It was a place I loved in the early 80s, when a dear friend of mine who worked for Eva Linton owned it, and I bought it immediately when he – well, when he, decided to sell, you see? I tell you I had a devil of a time with all the nearby parking garages, but I finally found one that valued my taste and I have a fantastic space in the front there…”

buddha poker chip

– nyc, 04.20.2005, 12:15PM (EST)

new word #04162005

Main Entry: flix·ti·pa·tion
Pronunciation: 'flik(t)-st&-'pA-sh&n
Function: noun
1: abnormally delayed or infrequent passage of online rental DVDs.

Tuesday Night DVR-AIST*

8:00 – 8:17: Do whatever you want while DVR begins recording American Idol.

8:17 : Start watching American Idol DVR recording in-process.

8:26 : Fast forward through 1st ad break (or, as network execs say, “pod”).

8:34 : Fast forward through 2nd pod.

8:39 : Fast forward through 3rd pod.

8:48 : Fast forward through 4th pod.

8:52 : Fast forward through 5th pod.

9:00 : Finish watching American Idol exactly when it ends.

*Ad Industry Subversion Tactic®

rainy hollywood pool

Beverly Hilton pool, LA, CA
02.20.2005, 11:52PM (PST)